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On the web, art direction is rare, partly because much of the work is about guiding users rather than telegraphing concepts, but also because few design schools teach art direction. There are twelve chapters across three parts in the book:. Plus a foreword by Trent Walton , and suggestions for further reading. To help me describe how to art-direct designs for products and websites, I designed Wheel Man—an app for booking a fast car and a getaway driver—plus a companion website.

The process of creating the dozens of brand new Wheel Man examples, then developing, and testing them itself took over three months. This being a Hardboiled Web Design book, I needed a strong theme, so the examples in Art Direction for the Web are all related to famous British criminals, their robberies, and the London gangland they inhabited.

Understanding production design practice

Another theme is getaways, so for several weeks, Sue researched how to get away, including assuming a new identity, buying a fake passport, destroying evidence, and hiding out. Her research was so thorough she became anxious about her search history.

Difference between an Art Director & Creative Director

A successful book needs great editing as much as good content. Owen Gregory has now worked with me on three book projects and knows my process and writing style well. Guillermo del Toro, eXistenZ dir.

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David Cronenberg, Blade II dir. Guillermo del Toro, A History of Violence dir. David Cronenberg, Eastern Promises dir. David Cronenberg, Pacific Rim dir. Guillermo del Toro, Become a member. Sign in. Get started. Production Design - Carol Spier. Christopher Daniel Walker Follow. Film Design Horror. The study and critique of film and television. Write the first response. The web is more than predictable compositions of rectangles, circles and triangles.

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Ask what art direction means to developers, and they might answer: using the picture element or sizes attribute in HTML for responsive images; presenting alternative crops, orientations, or sizes at various screen sizes. Bradley, Brodovitch, Brody, and Feitler — together, their names sound like a Mad Men-era advertising agency.

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Art-Directing Experiences. Whether we write fact or fiction, sell or make products, the way to engage people, create desire, make them happy, and encourage them to stay that way, is by creating narratives. So what do we need to consider when doing so?

Art Direction And Creative Teams. Principles Of Design.

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Are the principles which have guided design in other media for generations relevant to the world of digital products and websites? Of course! Directing Grids. Grids have a long and varied history in design, from the earliest books, through movements like constructivism right up to the present-day popularity of grids in frameworks like Bootstrap and material design. This chapter explains grid anatomy and terminology and how to use modular and compound grids.

Directing Type.

The story behind Art Direction for the Web — Stuff & Nonsense

White space, typographic scale, and creative uses of type are the focus in this chapter. Directing Pictures. Images and how we display them have an enormous impact on how people perceive our designs, whether that be on a commercial or editorial website, or inside a product.

CSS Grid plus thoughtful, art-directed content offers us the best chance yet of making websites which are better at communicating with our audiences. In this chapter, Andy explains properties and techniques which are most appropriate for art direction.